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High-Grade Range



A new standard created through listening to our customers.

A wider range of test requirements and higher test specifications.
A-series meets the needs for such a versatile test environment.
Advanced automatic energy saving, high level of functionality and a protected test environment.
A-series provides a better working environment for vibration testing.

Data Sheet

IMV-SmartTM technology

① Improvement of performance
  • Improvement in excitation force

    When compared with the conventional i- & J-series, the A-series has increased relative excitation force.

    ・Increased force per system power requirement
    ・Increased force per system mass
    ・Increased force per system size

    Improvement in excitation force

  • ■Standard 3.0 inp-p displacement
    *Only for A30, A45, A65, A74

    A-series has a displacement of 3.0 inp-p (3-inch stroke), which provides a good balance within the specifications for velocity, acceleration and displacement. This single system can be used for a very wide variety of tests.

    Standard 76.2mmp-p displacement

  • ■Increase in frequency range

    In addition to the increased displacement of 3.0 inp-p, the maximum frequency range is also increased when compared to the i- and J-series.

    Increase in frequency range

  • ■Adoption of new module

    Featuring a power amplifier with an upgraded power element, the A-series achieves low noise and high efficiency. This upgrade is standard for all A-series models.

    Adoption of new module

② User-friendly and secure
  • ■Lower power consumption

    In comparison with the same class of conventional systems (i, J-series), the A-series achieves lower power consumption. Energy savings are increased across all force ranges thanks to an automatic energy-saving function.

    Lower power consumption

  • ■International safety standards

    A-series complies with international safety standards.

    International safety standards

③ User-friendly interface


Rapid generation of tests from a set of pre-defined templates that conform to most international test standards.


Remote monitoring of test status over the internet.

The status of the test, as well as the amplifier or shaker operation, can be viewed on a remote PC using a standard internet browser.

  • Home screen

  • Home screen (Error)

  • Eco screen

  • Camera screen

  • Chamber screen

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