Case Study

Compact Range

Compact Type m-series


Silent model suitable for abnormal noise inspection

Compact and silent design, but also powerful enough for full-scale tests.

Data Sheet


■Silent design featuring a built-in cooling fan
A DC-powered cooling fan is built into the shaker. Natural air-cooling is also used when the cooling fan is stopped for silent operation (with a reduction in performance).

Table Insert Pattern (Unit: mm)

Table Insert Pattern

Outward Dimensions


Head expander
Model Dimensions W × H × D (in) Mass (lbs) Maximum frequency (Hz) m030-CE m060-CE m120-CE
TBV-125-□-A 4.9 × 4.9 × t0.8 2.0 2,000  
TBV-200-□-A 7.9 × 7.9 × t0.8 5.5 1,500 *
TBV-315-□-A 12.4 × 12.4 × t1.2 18.7


*TBV-400-□-A 15.7 × 15.7 × t1.4 31.7 600     *

Vertical auxiiary table

“-A” at the end of model number shows that material is aluminum alloy.
Add the vibration generator type where “□” is shown.

* A supplementary guidance system using linear bearings is used with the vibration generator when combined with the head expander. Armature mass is increased due to the addition of the guide support.

Slip table
Model Dimensions (in) Maximum frequency (Hz) Mass (lbs)
m030-CE m060-CE m120-CE
TBH-200 7.9 × 7.9 500 8.8 8.8 12.1
TBH-315 12.4 × 12.4 500 16.5 16.5 19.8
TBH-400 15.7 × 15.7 500 27.1 30.8

Horizonal Table

* Slip plate material is aluminum alloy.

2-axis changeover vibration shaker system

m-series multi-axis system

A range of small-size systems, including 2-axis and 3-axis simultaneous systems, employing the popular m-series vibration generators and patented Integrated Cross Coupling Bearing Unit (ICCU) multi-axis armature/load support technology.

  • Compact design
  • Low noise (ideal for squeak-rattle testing)
  • High precision measurement
  • Low power consumption
System specifications
Rated force 270 lbf
Table size 7.9 × 7.9 in
Maximum frequency 500 Hz
3.0 g
0.4 inp-p
22 lbs
Cooling method Air cooling
System noise 55 dB (A)
Weight Approx. 1,610 lbs
Power requirements 3 φ 200 V, 4 kVA


Suitable for modal analysis and sensor evaluation

・Calibration of vibration measuring systems and measurement of mechanical impedance

・For the evaluation of sensors, MEMS sensors that support the IoT/IoE era and substrates.

・The high-frequency PET-05H is useful for testing piezoelectric sensor characteristics and modal surveys.

Table Insert Pattern (Unit: mm)

Table Insert Pattern